“Sarah” : Video Manipulation in p5.js


This sketch was created using a video clip from “The Puppeteer,” a solo I choreographed on one of my advanced contemporary students, Sarah Takash. The piece is a 5.35 minute long introspective journey through movement.

To generate this sketch, I used three overlays of the same 14-second video clip. I changed the tint of two of them, modified the alpha and increased the speed. I decided to use a zoomed-in shot of the video, in order to abstract the overall visual. I liked having the shadows of her body as the center point of the viewer’s gaze.

In order to hear only one audio stream at a time, I set the volume of two of the videos to zero. This allows the viewer to hear the audio in a linearly, while watching the video in a nonlinearly. I also played with pixel manipulation but in the end I found that distorting the pixels was more of a distraction rather than an enhancement. So I decided to keep it simple. The code for this sketch is posted below.


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