Leather Nun

I created Leather Nun when testing and learning about buttons and sliders in an ICM help session. There is no rhyme of reason to the chosen images, aside from them being two images I found on the internet that I really like (well actually the truth is I sat next to a nun on the train a few days ago and she reminded me how religious I was when I was younger and this brought me to question my religious stance now and how different my spiritual views are).

The purpose of this sketch was more to learn about functionality rather than aesthetic, so the overall aesthetic concept¬†currently lacks.¬†When you click the “change picture” button, the image changes to one of outer space, and when clicked again, it changes back to the leather nun. The “add tint” button, enables a slider to appear on the bottom left-hand-side which activates an HSB tint spectrum. You can move the slider throughout a 360 range of hues to tint the images as you please.

My apologies for the deceptive line of “This is a paragraph.” It is not a paragraph.

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