All Good Things Come to an End

This sketch, “All Good Things Come to an End” is meant to represent┬áthe realm of the ephemeral. It’s a comment on one aspect of the roller coaster I’ve been on for (I’d like to say the past few weeks, but truthfully) my whole life. Specifically talking about the “ups” of the roller coaster, and how they always come down. What goes up comes down.

The sketch is meant to evoke desire. The “for loop” of ellipses are specifically set to a random rainbow fill, to glitter and shine in the eye of the viewer, drawing the viewer in and exciting them. Within just a few seconds, the ellipses’ opacity fades to 0 and you are left with a blank screen. Crushing the desire the sketch attempted to induce just a few seconds earlier.

The irony here is that you can constantly reset the sketch, by clicking the mouse. So although the ellipses representing desire, sweet things, “highs”, etc, are gone within seconds and out of your grasp, they technically are available at your command, by simply clicking the mouse. Although not yours to keep, they are readily available at your choosing.

Delving more into tech rather than concept, I would like to figure out how to set the sound to only the pink-background sketch, so that when the sketch changes to a black fill with the question mark, the viewer is also denied the music. I think the denial of the music which your ear grows accustomed to after a few seconds, is really the most painful part of the viewing experience.


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