Lounge Visual Cont’d

Oct 13, 2016

This week I created an extension on last week’s time-based sketch. I really did try to break away from the “scripted” type of sketch, but something was driving me to it and before I knew it I was waste deep choreographing every step of my code.

As I got a few steps further, the process started to get very frustrating. When I would save and run the sketch in the editor, everything would by synched up accordingly. When I would run the html file in the browser, however, the sketch would move much faster at certain points and much slower at others. It lost synch with the music and when watching a visual that is clearly intended to express musical synchronicity, it is almost painful to watch it out of synch.

Again, this brings me back to the realization that p5 is meant to be interaction-based, rather than time-based. Regardless, the *finished (*actually very unfinished) product is shown below.

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