Lounge Visual

The following visual is one I made to a favorite song of mine: Moon Tattoo. I wanted to create a time-based sketch, in other words, one that would operate without the prompt of a mouse. I used the built-in variable “frameCount” to do this. I have my sketch running at 40 frames per second. In order to assign “if” statements to my sketch in a time-based manner, I assigned each statement to a frame (I.e. “if (frameCount>1270){background(0);}). This was working very well until I went to upload it in the browser.

When uploading, something delayed the sketch after a certain point. About halfway through, the frames started running later than 40 per second, even though they were set to that speed, and this made the visual lose synch with the music. This was upsetting because the whole point was to create a moving image that captured the beat of the music. So when, for example, the strobe light hits the screen after the beat is dropped, the effect is null. All this being said, there has to be an easier way of synching a time-based sketch up with music. How though?

Another side note, every 30 seconds of this sketch required about three hours. THIS TOOK A LONG TIME. What felt like 2 minutes of code actually amounted to much less. I think this also had to do with the intensity of the song. This particular song, “Moon Tattoo” by Sofi Tukker has a very driving beat with a suspenseful beginning, and I felt I had to match that in my sketch.

I’d really like to add actual photos into the sketch and have them come in and out by filling the screen with a black rectangle of varying opacity, but when I uploaded the photo, the sketch wasn’t able to load. Was this just too much data for the sketch to handle? Is that possible? I figure that shouldn’t be the case but I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

All of these issues aside, here is the unfinished finished product:

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